There are a lot of different legends about this day, but what we know about Valentine’s Day for sure is that on this day the lovers exchange gifts and eat a huge amount of delicious chocolate. Although the society has ambiguous attitude to this holiday, some eagerly wait and please to celebrate it, the other call it an artificial holiday created to increase sales of flowers and cards, the truth is that this day involves a lot of interesting facts and stories. For example, the popular story about the origin of the holiday. According to the widespread version, during his life St Valentine was a bishop of the Catholic Church and lived in the time of Emperor Claudius II. The latter led many wars and forbade his soldiers to marry not to be distracted in the war. But Valentine secretly married pairs violating the order of the Emperor for which he was arrested, imprisoned and executed later. Yeah, the story turned out not so cheerful. And only rumor can relieve it, the one stating that in prison Valentine fell in love with the warden’s daughter, and before he died he sent her a letter signed ‘Your Valentine’.

In addition to this fascinating story from the distant past, this day has overgrown with a lot of modern facts and tales for all the time of its existence.

In the Middle Ages, this day women ate a strange exotic food believing that this would allow them to see their future spouse in a dream.

Valentine’s Day is called “A number 1 holiday for florists” – worldwide sales of flowers on this day bring them $15 billion.

Cadburry was the first that began to produce boxes of chocolate in a heart shape. Since  the 60s of the 19th century, this item is an integral part of the festive entourage.

It’s been estimated that averagely 220 thousand of marriage proposals are made on this day. 3% of pet owners give presents to their pets on Valentine’s Day.

About 8 billion candies in the shape of heart are produced in the world for this festival – they can wrap around the earth’s equator for 5 times.


Not many people know that February 14th is celebrated as Singles Awareness Day – SAD. It was conceived as an alternative to Valentine’s Day for single people who want to show off their status as single or be sad over it.

In Finland, this holiday is called Ystävänpäivä which means Day of Friends.

Valentine’s Day was officially proclaimed a holiday first in 1537 in England by King Henry VII.

Statistics asserts that most valentines (greeting card for Valentine’s Day) are received by teachers. They are followed by children, mothers, wives, lovers and pets.

Every Valentine’s Day Italian city of Verona where the heroes of the immortal work by Shakespeare lived, received more than 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet.

A card is considered to be the most common gift to beloved on Valentine’s Day. It’s followed by a romantic date night in an unusual setting. Third place is shared by box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers.

Naturally, men and women have different preferences as to how the holiday passes. Women prefer to receive a gift after a romantic dinner, while men wait for a gift in the morning.