How To Choose The Most Suitable Place For Office?

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How To Choose The Most Suitable Place For Office?

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A correctly choosen office can have a significant impact on the company’s affairs. It’s quite difficult to find a balance between accessibility and ideal conditions, especially if you have little experience, but the time spent on this will be compensated in full and with interest.

Selection of the proper office premises is so important because the business will “live” in this atmosphere for the next few years. Do it right and get a happy and productive staff, do it wrong and get dissatisfied, nervous people, in addition to the wasted money.

Below we present a list of key points that should be considered when selecting an office. Not all of them may be relevant to your business, and in some cases you have to compromise as this is a useful list, which should work out when you cut down your search to a few options.




   Safety Of District

If the property is inexpensive, this always has a reason. How is it safe around? Your staff and guests will feel more relaxed, if the office is in a place with a good reputation. Your staff spends in the office at least 8 hours a day and the availability of a safe environment have a positive impact on their performance rates. Pay special attention to the issue of the way to urban transport.


   Transport Infrastructure

How easy is it to get to the location of office? A natural question in a big city – how close the underground is, but consider other modes of transport as well. You can work with a map, which identify new routes of employees to evaluate how their day will change in connection with the move to a new office. Also consider the options for coming of guests and clients to your office, make some plans on how to get to office from different parts of city. If you have difficulties with the preparation of such a plan, maybe this location is not for you.


  Services Of Different Kind

Is there a place nearby where your staff can have lunch? Where can you invite guests and clients to have lunch? Are there any shops in the vicinity where you can quickly buy different things for the office? Life goes on when we are at work and your employees will always have issues that they need to address during a break or after work. Therefore, the presence around the office such facilities as banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, fitness rooms is very desirable and your staff will be very grateful to you. If your business involves frequent guests from abroad, consider the fact that a nice hotel is to be nearby.

бизнес_центр Chirag Plaza



 Building Safety

Business conduct is often associated with holding of various meetings, negotiations, conferences. The presence of conference hall and rooms for business meetings in the building will be a definite plus.

    Business Services

Bir çox halda biznes fəaliyyəti müxtəlif görüşlər, müzakirələr, konfranslarla bağlı olur. Binada konfrans zalı və işgüzar görüşlər üçün otaqların olması şübhəsiz ki, böyük üstünlükdür.



Is reception available in the building and more importantly, how good is service here? Remember that the reception staff is the first impression of your customers and guests.


 Repair Works In Buildings

It is worth to take an interest in whether the reconstruction works are planned in the building. The last thing you want is to move to a new office and find out about the noisy repairs on the upper floors, which will last for months.


   Building Maintenance

How well is the building maintained? Find a way to talk to other clients of the building about how it is maintained, by whom and how quickly and accurately the technical issues, security and cleaning issues are solved.


   After-Hours Access

You never know how things will develop in company and the possibility of access on non-working days and hours will allow you to always keep abreast of affairs and your employees to work on extra arising tasks.



Does the building have its own parking area? Is there enough parking space around for employees and visitors? These simple questions will help your employees and customers to avoid stressful situations faced by every resident of city.



This point may seem strange, but you will unlikely want rival company employees to poke about around your personnel in the public area of ​​the building where they can overhear what is going on in your office. And extra shameless competitors reach the point where they can intercept your client in the elevator or lobby of building.





    Sufficient Place For Employees

Typically, non-professionals are in difficulty to assess whether premises will place all the employees and how they will be comfortable. You can hire a design company that will make measurements and prepare plans to deploy staff in office. So, you can definitely be sure that all employees will be accommodated comfortably sufficient for productive work. If hiring a designer does not fit into your budget, you can mark the place for each furniture item using newspapers and packing tape. This is a great option for visualization of office space at no additional cost.


   Premise Decoration

Find out how much you are free in premise decoration according to the standards of your company. Are there any restrictions? If you can make the decoration in the office at your own discretion, is it necessary to give the office an initial appearance before leaving?

 Premise Acoustics

Some things are easy to miss when looking around an empty office with the windows closed. “Too noisy office” – it is the most common complaint of the employees. Check availability of echo – it isn’t very comfortable to work in the premises with echo. It would be useful to visit a prospective office at different times of the day – in the morning, during peak hours, in the evening.


 Office Layout

This issue should be paid close attention to. Improper layout can disrupt or even destroy effective business processes in your company. Consider issues such as quick and easy premise replanning, availability of a sufficient number of windows, outlets, heaters.



Obviously, any business is aimed at the growth and expansion. So make sure that premises meet this goal.